The Polyurethanes campaign publishes Foaming an Opinion: the Polyurethanes blog

The Polyurethanes campaign, whose aim is to promote the benefits of polyurethanes to industry stakeholders and the general public, has decided to take its communications approach to a whole different level, and open a blog.

Foaming an Opinion, as the name itself conveys, will be the voice of the campaign and participate in public debates, online, on broader subjects where polyurethanes are relevant. Foaming an Opinion will promote a different angle, based on polyurethane materials and highlighting what it enables.

Foaming an Opinion was also created to show that chemical industries can also open up and communicate more actively with stakeholders and the public. Since 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry, celebrating everything chemistry brought to humanity and society, Foaming an Opinion will play its own humble part.

Visit Foaming an Opinion : the Polyurethanes blog