EU Policies

Exposure Scenarios and Use Descriptors

The European Union requires official labels on all substances classified as “dangerous”. Classification is based on the intrinsic properties of substances and is designed to promote health and safety in the workplace.

Exposure Scenarios (ES) for MDI, TDI and NLP Polyols

REACH requires that in future specific information on the safe handling of hazardous chemicals is provided for the identified uses of that chemical. This information will be communicated via Exposure Scenarios (ES) for each identified use which will be annexed to the Safety Data Sheet known in future as the e-SDS (extended Safety Data Sheet).

ISOPA believes that the type of format, style and language used in this new addition to the safety data sheets will require a certain level of understanding for all downstream users. To help downstream users to become accustomed to the new ES content, we are pleased to provide a copy of the current DRAFT ESs for each family of substances as examples.

The ES content is currently being finalised in the MDI, TDI and NLP Polyols REACH Consortia and in due course the final documents will be transmitted to you by your supplier as an annex to their safety data sheets following their own company-specific format.

We recognise there may be some questions arising from these documents and we would encourage you to address your questions to your own trade association who should then consolidate any questions and send them to ISOPA who will provide a coordinated response.

All the documents can be retrieved in the Documentation Section.

Use Descriptors

ISOPA has published its interpretation on selection of Use Descriptors, which can be found in the Documentation Section of this Website.