Product Stewardship

One Step Ahead

Manufacturing with polyurethanes is a dynamic sector of the African and Middle Eastern economy generating wealth and employment. ISOPA focuses on the behavioural safety of industrials and professional users through an ongoing process of information exchange.

The starting point is regional seminars. Starting in Kenya in 1998, ISOPA is already running events across much of the continent in its “One Step Ahead” (OSA) programme.

Each seminar typically consists of a series of presentations and opportunities for dialogue. In the past years we organized seminars in different regions of Africa and Middle Ease. If you are interested in participating please contact the ISOPA office.

ISOPA’s aim is not to impose, but to help local managers and workers. Simple procedures are often all it takes and ISOPA hands out visual aids such as posters and stickers for workers who may have difficulty reading.

Customers have reacted with enormous enthusiasm to the ISOPA events, all of which have drawn large numbers. But the seminar is only the starting point. Moving forwards, ISOPA has developed a slide package called ‘OSA 2nd generation’ and an online self-assessment tool to allow identification of areas for improvement without further specialist involvement.

All the OSA material, including the presentations and posters can be found in the Documentation section of the website.