The Lions Club Brussels Charlemagne, with support from ISOPA, funds special aid projects to the amount of €14,000

Two projects have received funding this year from the Lions Club Brussels Charlemagne, with support from ISOPA.

The first project, the nursery Arbre de Vie (Schaarbeek and Jette), received a sum total of €9,000. The President of the nursery C. Parser, Branch Manager Mrs. P. Linsmeau, and Communications Officer E. Cornesse were all present to accept the donation. They expressed their sincere gratitude for the generous sum of money which they pledged to use to build a playground for the nursery’s children.

Another €5,000 euros was contributed to action medeor e.V, an organisation devoted to providing medical aid in 140 countries worldwide. The donation will be used to prevent and treat malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Mrs. S. Hövelmann, who accepted the funding on behalf of action medeor e.V. Mrs. Hövelmann gave a presentation to an audience about the progress and needs in that region, and indicated that the donation will be used to fund drug deliveries and training for volunteer health workers in various villages across the Democratic Republic of Congo.