ISOPA Strengthens Clarity on Eco-Profiles for Diisocyanates

In response to recent discussions surrounding eco-profiles for diisocyanates, ISOPA is taking initiative-steps to address misunderstandings arising from the publication of averaged data in Ecoinvent 3.10.

ISOPA collaborated with Ecoinvent last year with the aim to make available in their database diisocyanates eco-profiles in stoichiometric as well as economic allocation methods. However, ISOPA continues to support and recommend the use of the stoichiometric allocation as preferred choice over economic allocation in environmental impact assessments, specifically the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of diisocyanates.

Stoichiometric allocation, as opposed to economic allocation, aligns with our commitment to environmental accuracy for several reasons:

  • It is in line with ISO 14040/44 hierarchy preference for physical relationships.
  • It mirrors the actual chemical processes, ensuring the environmental impacts reflect real production scenarios, which includes the production of marketable quality Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) as a co-product.
  • It maintains consistency in environmental impact assessments, uninfluenced by fluctuating market prices.
  • It enables better comparison of environmental data across different geographical regions, unaffected by regional price disparities.

The stoichiometric allocation provides a clear, consistent basis for evaluating the environmental impacts of diisocyanates. Using this method prevents assessments from being tainted by economic variables that do not accurately represent the physical realities of production. This approach is consistent with the eco-profile report published by ISOPA in 2021.

ISOPA remains committed to fostering clear communication and understanding regarding the environmental assessments of diisocyanates. We strive to ensure our methodologies and data are transparent, accurate, and reflective of our industry’s standards.


For more information, please contact:

Brieuc Lits – Public Affairs & Communications Officer – – +32484145687

PDF version is available here.