ISOPA participates in One Step Ahead workshop in UAE

On November 20th 2018, ISOPA, the European Diisocyanate and Polyol Producers Association, participated in a workshop with its regional partners in the Middle East in Dubai, UAE. The workshop was aimed at sharing best practices and to promote the safe use and handling of diisocyanates across the value chain. The event was part of ISOPA’s long standing “One Step Ahead” programme which aims to promote product stewardship in Africa and Middle East. The workshop was a resounding success and received enthusiastic feedback from the participants numbering more than 80.

The session was hosted by Jörg Palmersheim, Secretary General of ISOPA and participants included producers from the diisocyanates, polyol system houses, and rigid, flexible and molded foam industries, as well as local representatives of ISOPA member companies from across the region.  ISOPA provided insightful information aimed at raising awareness about best practices and risk reduction measures for users,  particularly in relation to the hazards involved in shipping and handling of chemicals. Special attention was paid to the decontamination of drums, choosing the correct PPE, the risks involved in high exothermic slab stock formulations, and the implementation of emergency guidelines.

 Mr. Palmersheim was supported by Els van Eetvelde, Shell Chemicals and Chair of the One Step Ahead Committee at ISOPA, as well as by Lutz Brassat, Covestro,Zsolt Kardos, BorsodChem and Pradeep Nair, Shell Chemicals.

Product stewardship is and will remain a vital part of the activities within ISOPA. Bringing the safety standards in the PU industry to a higher level allows to reduce the potential impact on human health and environment, while guaranteeing the highest quality of polyurethane products throughout the value chain.