ISOPA message on sustainability draws the crowds at Green Week 2009

ISOPA, the European Diisocyanate and Polyol Producers Trade Association, was recently chosen from amongst a competitive field of potential exhibitors, to present a stand at the European Commission’s Green Week 2009 held in Brussels between 23rd and 26th June.

The eye-catching stand, which is part of ISOPA’s ongoing campaign to inform European policy makers about the multiple benefits of polyurethanes, focused on the sustainable properties of the product and underlined the positive contribution which polyurethanes can make to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The interactive stand allowed visitors to see how polyurethane can act as a highly effective insulator, ensuring that heat remains inside buildings over the winter and how the product keeps those same buildings cool during the summer months. Spokespeople on the stand were also able to explain to the numerous visitors how polyurethanes have led to increased energy savings in refrigerators and freezers which has contributed to several appliances moving from an A to an A+++ energy label and how the incorporation of lightweight polyurethanes in cars has led to reduced fuel consumption. An explanation was given about how, if used properly, polyurethanes can save up to one hundred times more energy over their lifetime than are used during their production.

Stavros Dimas, Environment Commissioner and Karl Falkenberg, Director General of the European Commission’s DG Environment, visited the stand and met with ISOPA Secretary General Wolfram Frank who outlined the current role of polyurethanes in fighting climate change and how their wider use in buildings would help the EU meet its climate change targets. Mr Frank explained to Mr Dimas and Mr Falkenberg how the amount of energy used to produce enough polyurethane insulation for one house is subsequently saved in the space of just one year thanks to the insulation provided.

Through the imaginative use of polyurethanes being incorporated into the stand, visitors experienced a ‘touch and feel display’ and discovered what polyurethane insulation looks like, how it is incorporated into buildings and products and how compact and space efficient it can be – especially when compared to other forms of insulation.

Speaking after the event Wolfram Frank said:

“Green Week provided the perfect opportunity for ISOPA to underline to European policy makers the beneficial characteristics of polyurethanes. As an affordable, efficient and long-lasting product, polyurethanes have an important role to play in creating a sustainable Europe.

“I was delighted with the level of interest shown by visitors to the stand and feel confident that this was an important milestone in raising awareness about this uniquely versatile product.”