Isopa leadership team approve future framework

The ISOPA 2019 General Assembly took place in January, where the Leadership Team approved the future framework for ISOPA as developed in a workshop back in 2018. The leadership team agreed on ISOPA’s vision to become “increasingly valued by policymakers and stakeholders by contributing to a sustainable value chain, as well as responsibly promoting the safe use of diisocyanates and polyols”.

The organisation’s mission statement was slightly adapted during the General Assembly to: “ISOPA is the European trade association for producers of diisocyanates and polyols – the main building blocks of polyurethanes – and represents its members by:

  • Promoting the highest standards of best practice in the distribution and use of diisocyanates and polyols;
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders can easily access accurate  and up-to-date information on diisocyanates and polyols;
  • Monitoring all EU public policy and regulations relating to its products;
  • Engaging with policymakers and regulatory bodies;
  • Connecting with the value chain and other industry associations to fulfill society’s present and future needs in terms of energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.”

Finally, the organisational structure of ISOPA was adapted, with the working group focusing on “combustibility“ taking on the role as a full cluster group, given the importance of this subject. The working group formerly known as the “Advocacy & Communication Panel” has been renamed and will be known as the “Issue Map Panel Group” where they will be responsible for the regular review and updating of the relevant issue matrix for ISOPA.