ISOPA join the call for candidates in the 2019 European Elections to back an ambitious industrial strategy

ISOPA and hundreds of other businesses and trade associations have together with Industry4Europe called for an ambitious industrial strategy to help compete with other global regions including China, India and the United States. 

The manifesto calls on future Members of the European Parliament to:

• Put industry at the top of the political agenda of the European Parliament during the next institutional cycle (2019-2024)

• Urge the next European Commission to shortlist industry as a top priority of its 5-year Work Programme and appoint a dedicated Vice-President for Industry

• Uphold the next European Commission to swiftly present an ambitious long-term EU industrial strategy which shall include clear indicators and governance.

ISOPA believes it is of the utmost importance to give priority to a robust industrial strategy to safeguard employment in the manufacturing sector across the EU. ISOPA and the wider industry is ready to work closely with the European Institutions to implement a strategic and coordinated vision for the European industry and welcomes the opportunity to engage with future policymakers.