ISOPA hosts ‘One Step Ahead’ Product Stewardship Webinar

10 December 2020 – ISOPA launched its ’One Step Ahead’ product stewardship programme in 1998 to promote the safe handling of diisocyanates in Africa and the Middle Eastern region. Since then ISOPA has regularly organised and hosted workshops or seminars focused on sharing industry best practices in the safe handling of diisocyanates.

This year ISOPA hosted its first ‘One Step Ahead’ Webinar on 2 December 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. ISOPA is pleased that we were able to continue the engagement with our stakeholders in the current context. ISOPA and our Members would like to thank the stakeholders who were able to participate.

If you missed the webinar or you are interested in learning more, further information is available in the presentation and in the recording below with presentations by Jörg Palmersheim, Els Van Eetvelde, Herve Wuilay and Lutz Brassat.

In case you are interested in receiving further information on the ‘One Step Ahead’ Programme do not hesitate to contact us by clicking below.