Food waste prevention: ISOPA gathers policy makers, civil society and industry around the table

On January 27, ISOPA brought together Nicola Caputo, Member of the European Parliament, the European Commission, academics, representatives of Member States, industry and NGOs for a lively and open discussion on food waste prevention.

Frank Grunert, President of ISOPA with Nicola Caputo, Member of European Parliament

As an active stakeholder ISOPA is determined to take part in the debate. The event was therefore a perfect opportunity for Frank Grunert, ISOPA’s President, and Jörg Palmersheim, its Secretary General, to remind the audience of ISOPA’s commitment to food waste prevention and its determination to engage with regulators and all relevant stakeholders. Polyurethanes indeed contribute every day to food waste prevention thanks to the key role they play in the maintenance of the cold chain.

Jörg Palmersheim, ISOPA’s Secretary General