Commission to focus on life cycle and existing tools to ensure Circular Economy Package’s success

On 20 April, ISOPA’s Secretary General Jörg Palmersheim attended a roundtable on the future of the circular economy in Europe organised by the Cicero Group.

A Commission official from the Directoral General for the Internal Market reiterated that the Directorates General for Environment and the Internal Market have put significant effort in order to improve the July 2014 Circular Economy proposal. The new package’s objective is to focus on existing tools such as Ecodesign and what can be achieved under the current Commission.

He underlined that “the linear model is not anymore the answer”; echoing the PU industry’s efforts to improve its products performance throughout their life cycle.

Going forward, the proposal’s first read through will take place under the Dutch presidency, with the Maltese Presidency in the second half of the year finalising the file. The Parliament is also working on its own initiatives on the issue.

At ISOPA, we are currently developing our position on the issue and look forward to contributing to more events and consultations. Stay tuned!