Humanity currently faces its greatest challenge ever – to support continued population growth, improved life expectancy and the growing need for food, energy and shelter within diminishing natural resources and saturated pollution sinks. This challenge is now driving far-reaching changes at all levels through governments, businesses and civil societies.

Sustainable development is the driving force for acting more responsibly and introducing solutions which minimize resource needs over time, while increasing the quality of life and maintaining a viable economy.

There are three criteria that need to be fulfilled to ensure sustainability:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Economic growth
  • Social progress and well-being

 This section shows how the polyurethane industry contributes to these three goals through providing tangible solutions.

 The examples mentioned here are far from being exhaustive and can only provide a basic impression of the many possibilities which are due to the great versatility of polyurethanes and the high innovation capacity of the polyurethane industry.