The programme consists in detailed sets of training covering all the phases of the industrial process: processing, maintenance, warehousing and waste. From the arrival of chemicals, when the drivers should be informed on the site access requirements, safety rules and emergency facilities to discharge which is a potentially dangerous operation, ISOPA provides support to both the users of the chemicals and the logistics service providers. It consists of 2 packages, a Basic Safety Package and a Package containing EU-REACH & CLP information.

The programme includes modules on:

  • MDI
  • TDI
  • Logistics
  • Miscellaneous Chemicals
  • Working with diisocyanates poster  


MDI users module
TDI users module
Logistics module
Supplementary module
MDI small spillage video
MDI large spillage video
TDI spillage video
First Aid video
Working with Diisocyanates poster

Please be aware that above training material is no longer fully accurate.  

By the end of this year it will replaced to be in line with the Reach restriction requirements legislation for professional and industrial users of diisocyanates.

ISOPA/ALIPA and our downstream associations partners are working on a platform to propose complete web-based, virtual and classroom trainings from Level I to Level III Please subscribe here to our newsletter to stay tuned on the latest developments. 

Further info can also be find on our website: It will also be the link once our platform is available