The safe transport of diisocyanates is essential both to people and its manufacturers. All the participants in the supply chain, the manufacturers of MDI/ TDI, the transportation company and the receiver of the products play vital roles in ensuring that accidents and incidents are prevented.

ISOPA is committed to the continuous increase of standards in the loading, transport, unloading and storage of diisocyanates and polyols. Our aim is to assure maximum protection of health and safety and a consistent industry wide approach.

Putting this into practice and to ensure the highest levels of safety in the transportation of chemicals, ISOPA developed a programme that includes:

  • Guidelines for bulk and packed MDI/TDI
  • Driver Training for carriers
  • Tank Farm Assessment Tool
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency exercises
  • Letter for customs officers

First, ISOPA developed a series of guidelines that reflect the collective knowledge and best practice of the logistics personnel of the ISOPA member companies. They cover all aspects of the supply of chemicals.