The EU institutions agreed on the world’s most ambitious phase-down on F gas use.

HFCs are still used in certain specialised PU applications where high safety or performance requirements do not allow the use of alternatives. The PU industry is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of those products while maintaining their exceptional insulation performance. Extensive test programmes are underway and will result in new insulation products in line with the goals of the F Gas Regulation.

Another key instrument of the Regulation is the introduction of a number of market restrictions for certain products based on agreed GWP thresholds. Measures have also been included for tracking imports and exports of HFCs contained in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment pre-filled with F-gases at the time of manufacture.


ISOPA Position

  • ISOPA supports the phase-down which combines high ambition with flexibility regarding technological maturity and cost effectiveness.
  • ISOPA welcomes the transition time for the rrestrictive placing-on-the-market prohibitions for certain products and support smaller manufacturers in the transition process