ISOPA joins forces with PlasticsEurope and the European Aluminium Association to call for a fair and smart strategy with lightweight initiatives for achieving EU’s goals on the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Their three key messages are:

1. Lightweight technology should be considered in future low emission mobility strategy 
The weight of the car has a direct effect on the consumption of fuel in all driving and weather conditions, throughout the entire life of the car and beyond any test cycle. 

2. Weight reduction solutions are an enabler for a safe, smart and electrified mobility
In order to preserve the positive outcome of the decarbonisation strategy against a potential weight increase of vehicles, a smart policy should give the right incentives to reduce the vehicle weight. 

3. Lightweight innovation is a strategic choice to boost innovation and skilled jobs
Lightweighting solutions “made in EU” need further stimulation through strategic R&D projects at EU level. They will further strengthen the internal market and provide job opportunities for new and qualified employees.